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Re: [wtp-dev] cannot startt Jonas serverr from eclipse

- It would be helpful know the configuration to help you with your problem. We do use JOnAS in multiple scenario. Your problem maybe related to an already resolved server bug in WTP. Have you tried it with M5?

- This mail list is for WTP developer discussion only. There is a wtp newgroup that you use to forward these questions. So please forward your question there and we will be happy to help you in that form.


I'm working on JOnAS and Eclipse WTP ... i have no similar problems.
Which release of JOnas are you using ?

2005/7/3, Enrique Martinez <enrique.martinez@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi there,
 I downloaded and installed the wtp for eclipse successfully and started to
play aroound with the example "WTP Tutorials - Testing the Creation of
Annotated and Non-Annotated Servlets in the Web Tools Project"
 I followed all the steps, and configured a new server on
windows>preference>server>installed runtimes but insted of
Tomcat I'm using Jonas so I selected "Generic Jonas 4.1.4".
 The problem raise when I try to start jonas from eclipse. It begins well
with the console showing the output as it is starting, but some seconds
after that eclipse opens an error message saying "Server JonAS
4.1.4(Generic)failed to start", but I don't have any error on the console
and also everytime that I try it, it stops in a different part of the
raising jonas's process. Seems, like a time out issue, or something like
that, but I'm not sure.
 Also I see that on windows>preference>server there is a configuration for
the "Relative speed machine" and I set that to "Very slow". But the problem
is still there.
 If I start jonas from a console (outside eclipse) I have no problem, and
also as the war file was compiled and deployed successfully by eclipse on
the autoload folder, I can see my HellowWorld page working fine. So the only
problem is why I cannot start jonas from eclipse.
 Anyone has an idea?
 - Enrique.
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