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Re: [wtp-dev] cannot startt Jonas serverr from eclipse


I'm working on JOnAS and Eclipse WTP ... i have no similar problems.
Which release of JOnas are you using ?

2005/7/3, Enrique Martinez <enrique.martinez@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi there,
>  I downloaded and installed the wtp for eclipse successfully and started to
> play aroound with the example "WTP Tutorials - Testing the Creation of
> Annotated and Non-Annotated Servlets in the Web Tools Project"
> (http://www.eclipse.org/webtools/jst/components/j2ee/scenarios/ServletScenario.html).
>  I followed all the steps, and configured a new server on
> windows>preference>server>installed runtimes but insted of
> Tomcat I'm using Jonas so I selected "Generic Jonas 4.1.4".
>  The problem raise when I try to start jonas from eclipse. It begins well
> with the console showing the output as it is starting, but some seconds
> after that eclipse opens an error message saying "Server JonAS
> 4.1.4(Generic)failed to start", but I don't have any error on the console
> and also everytime that I try it, it stops in a different part of the
> raising jonas's process. Seems, like a time out issue, or something like
> that, but I'm not sure.
>  Also I see that on windows>preference>server there is a configuration for
> the "Relative speed machine" and I set that to "Very slow". But the problem
> is still there.
>  If I start jonas from a console (outside eclipse) I have no problem, and
> also as the war file was compiled and deployed successfully by eclipse on
> the autoload folder, I can see my HellowWorld page working fine. So the only
> problem is why I cannot start jonas from eclipse.
>  Anyone has an idea?
>  - Enrique.
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