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[wsvt-dev] The WSVT project has graduated.

The plugins have been renamed and refactored and are now available within the WTP project. All clients should update their code to use the refactored plugins in the WTP project.

Original WSVT Plug-ins

       These plugins have been deleted. However there is already a
      more robust version of the tcp/ip monitor already available in
     WTP under the internet component.

     This plugin is  essentially repackaged as  org.eclipse.wst.wsdl.validation
     under the wsdl component within the wst subproject.


      These plugins are refactored with most of the validator functionality
     and the WS-I core technology now in the org.eclipse.wst.wsi plugin.
     The ui aspects are filtered out and make up part of the  org.eclipse.wst.wsi.ui
     plugin. Both these plugins are under the wsi component in the wst subproject.

     This plug-in is essentially repackaged as org.eclipse.wst.wsi.ui under the wsi
     component within the wst subproject.

The last Technology WSVT release (1.3) provides support for validation against the WS-I Attachments Profile and is currently available from  http://www.eclipse.org/wsvt/.

The WSVT newsgroup will be closed, although the archive will remain. Please use the eclipse.webtools newsgroup in the future.
The WSVT wsvt-dev mailing list will be closed, although the archive will remain. Please use the wtp-dev mailing list in the future.

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