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Re: [wsvt-dev] Question Regarding WSVT (TCP/IP Monitor)

Hi Mazhar,

>then what is my local port ??
Your local port for the TCP/IP monitor is whatever you specify it to be.
However, you should ensure that there is no other service using the port.

>and how to access the service through eclipse ??
If you mean how to invoke the service there is currently no way to do that.
You will have to call the service with your own client.

>and how to configure TCP/IP monitor with my Tomcat server so that it can
>listen the SOAP request/Response??
No configuration is necessary for Tomcat.

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I have created a webservice which i have deployed on the tomcat server.I
downloaded plugin of WSVT Version 1.2.0 and integrated it with
Now i want to access that webservice through Eclipse and want to see Soap
Request/Response using TCP/IP Monitor.
In the TCP/IP monitor i have given Remotehost Name as "Localhost" and
RemotePort as "8080" as u told in the earlier mail that these are the port
where the webservice is located , then what is my local port ??
and how to access the service through eclipse ??
and how to configure TCP/IP monitor with my Tomcat server so that it can
listen the SOAP request/Response??

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