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[wsvt-dev] Re: wsvt-dev digest, Vol 1 #23 - 6 msgs

Hi Bo,
Thank you for your interest.

RE:a) - By end of year, we will have validation against:
        BP1.1 and SSBP1.0 (Simple Soap Bindings Profile)
        AP1.0 (Attachments Profile)
        and and early staged version of BSP (Basic Security Profile
        related to clear text ONLY).

      - Also incremental changes to the Message Monitor to transform it
        into a debugger (as time permits).
      - UDDI test harness to exercise a web service.

RE: b) It is currently in IBM's WebSphere Studio.
       We contribute the WS-I related code to the WS-I organization. So
       I imagine that there are quite a few products out there using the
       source at least indirectly.

RE: c) There is a lot of talk about contributions, especially within WS-I
       membership, however companies seem to take the "wait and see"
       approach -- "maybe it will all get done without us using up any
       of our resources". I think if the test-tools do not get updated
       in a timely manner with respect to new profiles, then companies
       will commit their resources. So curiously enough its a catch-22,
       if our validators are not getting updated in a timely-manner to
       reflect the new specifications , then we will get more

RE: d) If you mean by an independent toolkit,that they become more
       pluggable, then the answer is yes. We should be able to easily
       specify within the toolkit what xml parser that would like to use,
       which wsdl validator etc. Currently we are dependent on specific

       If you mean independent of eclipse, well -- this is an eclipse
       project. The org.eclipse.wsi.test.tools plugin can also act as
       a standalone non-eclipse tool - because that is how we are
       currently contributing to WS-I.

       Currently in the WSDL validator, we validate the cml document first,
       then check it against the WSDL 1.1 spec and then finally against the
       WS-I Basic Profile. It really does make sense to do it in that

       However, we should have the option to easily turn off any level of
       validation. Currently the WS-I validation assumes that the
       wsdl/message has already been tested against the underlying
       specifications. In our tool, we would like to provide all levels
       of validation and the ability to turn any number of the levels off.

Again, thank you for your interest. I would definitely like to setup a call
with you. I'm a firm believer in: the more contributors, the more useful
the tools.

-- David.

It's kind of quiet here. After playing with wsvt a little bit, I think
we've got a very good tool with a code base of quality here. However it's
still not product-ready yet. I've reported a few bugs and some enhancement

I have a few general questions here:

a) what's the plan for wsvt down the road, say, by the end of this year?

b) do we have any idea about who or which product is using wsvt?

c) why is there such low traffic here? wsvt has been mentioned a lot in
wsdl community. Buzz is there but momentum has not been generated yet, or
at least not reflected here.

d) is there any plan to make wsvt as an independent toolkit?

we're in the process of evaluation wsvt, if decided to go with it, we might
be able to commit significant resource to this project. Is there any way of
discussing all these, say by concall or something?

thanks in advance,

David M. Lauzon
XML Tooling,  ADTC Architecture
Internal Mail: D3/EAB/8200/MKM
Phone: (905) 413 - 2180  TL: 8/969 - 2180  FAX: (905) 413 - 4920
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