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RE: [wsvt-dev] Validating a WSDL which Imports an XSD

Hi Lawrence,

Apologies for the confusion created by using two email addresses. Please use
the algorhythm one.

I have logged a bug report on eclipse/wsvt and I notice it will notify

Cheers for now,


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Hi Michael,

The WSDL validator should be able to import schemas in the way in which
you've defined. If you are experiencing a bug please open a bug report
against the WSDL validator and include the WSDL and XSD required to
reproduce the error and it will be investigated.



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Hello wsvt,

Thanks for the convenient tool.

Please can you confirm if the eclipse plugin wsvt will validate WSDL's which
import an xsd as follows:


<schema xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema";>

<import namespace="http://nrs.eskom.co.za/XMLVend/schemas/2004/02";




I get a string of type not found errors which indicate the xsd is not being
imported. Also, if I change the name of the xsd to an invalid filename no
corresoponding validation error is thrown also indicating an import failure.


Michael Evans

Algorhythm Software

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