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[wsvt-dev] TCP/IP monitor now available for capturing and validating SOAP traffic

 Version 1.2.0 release is available for download . This driver includes a
 TCP/IP monitor for observing, capturing and validating SOAP messages to
 and from a Web service. Note this release uses Eclipse Version 3.0 (M6)
 and  Java 2 Standard Edition SDK Version 1.4.2.                     
 For further details on the TCP/IP monitor, please see:                
 How To configure and run the TCP/IP monitor and                       
 How to validate SOAP messages using the TCP/IP monitor                
 found in our FAQ section.                                             

David M. Lauzon
XML Tooling,  ADTC Architecture
Internal Mail: D3/EAB/8200/MKM
Phone: (905) 413 - 2180  TL: 8/969 - 2180  FAX: (905) 413 - 4920
Internet: lauzond@xxxxxxxxxx     Notes: David Lauzon/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA