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RE: [wsvt-dev] WSVT - SOAP Monitor

Hi David,

	Thanks for the reply.
	Have still more questions
	1. Right now, the WSDL validator works against what version of the WSDL specification ? 1.1 or 2.0 ? 
	Also, is the context menu action for a .wsdl file the only way to validate a web service currently ? 
	2. Is a mechanism where I specify only a URL to the WSDL thought of ( for validating a web service).
	3. Does the current implementaion mandate that all the WSDLs are saved locally before I run the validator on it (let us assume a WSDL with an import element)?

	4. Is there a way I can get a User ID for the CVS repository ? Somehow the "anonymous" user does not seem to work.

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	I just downloaded the Version 1.1.1 Build 20040123 of WSVT.
	Does this not have the SOAP monitor in it?

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