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-- WELCOME to the Web Services Validation Tools Project (WSVT) -

The WSVT project provides a set of Eclipse plugins to validate and analyze
Web services with respect to the core Web services specifications and their
usage together. Currently we provide validation of WSDL files and message

We provide a general purpose WSDL 1.1 validator with an extensible
mechanism.  Validation occurs on the XML syntax, XML Schema types in the
<types> section, and referential integrity of the various constructs in
WSDL (e.g. reference of messages from operations).  The validator includes
an extension point to allow other validators to be plugged into the WSDL
validation to provide additional verification of the WSDL file. Currently
we provide three plugins that implement the extension point enhancing the
general purpose validator to:

validate WSDL documents with SOAP bindings.
validate WSDL documents with HTTP bindings
validate WSDL file against the WS-I Basic Profile (currently draft form).

We also provide message validation against the WS-I Basic Profile
(currently draft form).

Please visit our web site, www.eclipse.org/wsvt
Feedback or suggestions on any aspect of the project are both welcomed and

-- David Lauzon