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[vtp-dev] Project status

What is the status of the project?

I notice that there is a 3.0 (tentative) release indicated in the project metadata (along with a 2.0 release indicated in the downloads), but there have been no release reviews.

In fact, the 3.0 "release" seems to be about four years old (on the downloads page). How are you getting bits into the hands of the community?

What sorts of activities are you engaged in to grow the project's community?

How accurate is the 3.0 plan document?

The project downloads [1] seem to contain some third-party libraries that may not have corresponding CQs. For example, I cannot locate a CQ for the following:

org.apache.commons.fileupload_1.1.1.*.jar (No CQ found)
org.apache.commons.io_1.2.0.*.jar (No CQ found)
org.mozilla._javascript_.source_1.7.2.*.jar (No CQ found)
org.mozilla._javascript__1.6.6.*.jar (No CQ found)
org.mozilla._javascript__1.7.2.*.jar (No CQ found)

A separate CQ is required for each version of a library. I believe that you do have CQs for versions of these libraries, but not these exact versions. You may need to create additional CQs.

What is SKDialer.jar?

It seems long past time for the project do undergo a formal review. Please update your project's releases in the project metadata. I'd really like to see a proper release scheduled and executed sometime in the next six months or so.

I see that you have both a CVS and an SVN repository listed for the project. The CVS repository not longer exists and so should be removed from the project metadata.

I assume that you are aware that CVS has been retired and that projects are being compelled to move to Git. Note that SVN will be retired in 2013.

If you have any questions, or require any assistance, please ask me or your PMC.



[1] http://eclipse.org/projects/tools/downloads.php?id=technology.vtp
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