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[vtp-dev] some OpenVXML questions


New to the VTP project and OpenVXML Designer but enjoying it. I've started to develop a sample call flow and I have a few questions:

1.      Does OpenVXML Designer produce VoiceXML 2.1 compliant output?
2.      How are Time-of-Day, Day-of-Week, and holiday dependencies handled?
3.      I see the barge-in, is there support for type-ahead?
4.      Are there any call flow debugging features? i.e. tracing
5.      Can we expand the OpenVXML Designer plug-in? what are the extension points? For example we would like to add more atomic call flow elements to the voice palette
6.      How is logging done? We need to store data for debugging, application alarms, etc. Would I use the script object and use VXML <log> tag ?
7.      How can I reference VXML session and root document variables?
8.      How can I access call session info such as ANI, UUI, etc?

Any information would be appreciated.

Lucas Zisis