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RE: [vtp-dev] Merge of jvoicexml and tellme branch

Hi Mike,

thanks for the input. It really helps to find the core issues. Especially
the missing Run... command is important. Currently, I am doing the same and
use the debug interface in another perspective.

I think that it should reappear. But this will also raise the question to
offer support for a direct deployment to the servlet container as it is
known from the JEE perspective. But this is a different story.

There is one thing that I did not get: You were talking about trunk. Did you
do your modifications in the trunk or in the branch? Which one should I


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> Dirk -
> Feel free to do whatever you want with the Tellme branch. I will be
> happy to answer any questions that might arise about it. However, it
> has
> been more than a year since I have even looked at the code, and my
> memory gets a bit fuzzy. Let me see if I can give an adequate
> description of the current state of affairs:
> The Tellme launcher code in the trunk is perfectly OK as it is and can
> be included in any build of the project. (At least the code worked OK
> last year. Sometimes Skype makes changes that cause troubles, but as
> far
> as I know, that has not happened since 2006.) The reason for creating
> changes and the branch of code is that the original code is
> Windows-only, depending on a custom DLL that I wrote and which is
> likely
> to be unmaintainable. The original goal of the project was that it be
> multi-platform, so I undertook to do that and the result is in the code
> branch.
> The multi-platform capability is introduced by using portions of the
> Skype4Java code that was developed by a Japanese programmer under the
> auspices of Skype. The code is on Japanese Sourceforge, and can be
> found
> by linking through the developer portion of the Skype main website.
> That
> code has been quiet for a long time. It was slightly modified by Scott
> Lewis of the Eclipse Communication Framework within the past couple of
> years. The portion of the Skype4Java code that I used worked very well.
> Because the 3rd-party code is now part of the project, the blessings of
> the Eclipse Foundation to use the code has to be obtained, and I did
> not
> start that process. Nominally, the Skype4Java code is all released
> under
> the older Common License of Eclipse.
> After I got the code working on Windows, I turned to Linux to give it a
> try. I am not a Linux guy, and I found getting the needed
> infrastructure
> set up to use Eclipse and Skype was a messy process. When I wanted to
> connect to the code repositories, I finally threw up my hands over
> getting Subversion to work. There lieth my Linux machine, silently
> gathering dust. RIP. That is not to say it wouldn't work, I just don't
> have the knowledge or energy to find out. Perhaps you will fare better.
> As for Mac, I have no access to an Apple system, and have not yet tried
> the software.
> My biggest concern for you is how you intend to integrate the launchers
> into the overall project. Here's a comment from an email I wrote to
> this
> list on 14 April 2009:
>     As for my original launcher contribution, it still works as is
> discussed in Bug 235044, and can be included in the build as is. Bug
>         235044 still needs to be fixed in order to resurrect the Run...
> menu choice to invoke the launcher after deploying the application. I
>         am curious how Dirk is integrating his JVoiceXML launcher into
> the platform without using Run..., or is he also expecting that Bug
>     235044 gets fixed?
> I never received a reply to my questions, so as far as I know the state
> of affairs remains. The launcher is designed to be accessed by means of
> the Run... command only. Early on in the development of OpenVXML, the
> Run... command was removed, a shortsighted action, I think. Without the
> Run... command being restored, the Tellme launcher cannot be used,
> except completely outside OpenVXML. I suppose I could have tried to fix
> the bug myself, but I just did not have the energy to fight that
> battle.
> If it is only accessed via Run..., and Run... is missing from OpenVXML,
> then you might ask "How did you test it on Windows, then?" Since the
> launcher depends on nothing inside OpenVXML, the tellme launcher plugin
> can be built and used separately. I use it in the Eclipse J2EE
> perspective and run as an application. The J2EE perspective does
> contain
> the Run... command, and the launcher proceeds to work. I have never
> found a reason to actually use OpenVXML, and I don't keep it on my
> computer.
> I hope this helps,
> -- Mike
> Dr. Dirk Schnelle-Walka wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > currently there are 2 branches of the debug framework: jvoicexml and
> tellme
> > In order to prepare an integration into trunk I would like to merge
> these
> > two.
> >
> > Any thought on that?
> >
> > Dirk
> >
> >
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