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Re: [vtp-dev] Security Branch Merged

Title: Re: [vtp-dev] Security Branch Merged

    It appears our backup email server here has been eating my mailing list for some reason.  This is a great point.  What I did for the pallet view for now is to create a new extension point to allow new pallet view implementations to be registered.  The user can switch between pallets by selecting the preferred pallet in the Preference page.  The reason for this move is that when dealing with workspaces that contain many dialogs, fragments, and custom integration libraries the original pallet is quite lacking and very cumbersome to use.  The pshelf widget allows a more condensed and accessible way of viewing the pallet groups.  If you do not have the pshelf project installed, you simply will only have the original pallet view available for use.  If you install the pshelf project, the new pallet view will become available.  There should not be any loss of functionality if you don’t want to have it installed.  Does this help clear up how it works and why it was added?

Trip Gilman
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I am still concerned about the following point in one of my previous

> Besides I realized that the org.eclipse.vtp.desktop.views.extended
> requries the presence of the pshelf library
> http://www.eclipse.org/nebula/widgets/pshelf/pshelf.php
> This project is still in the incubation phase. I do not have any idea
> when it will leave that status. So: Is this library really needed? What
> do we gain/loose if we use/remove it?

I did not get an answer, yet. I think that it would be good to have a
statement on it.


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