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Re: [vtp-dev] Issue with Transfer module for "vtp-2.0-All-in-one" build

This kind of question should be reported in the eclipse.technology.voicetools newsgroup. This mailing list is for developers OF VTP, not developers USING VTP.

aVTPuser VTP wrote:

I am using the "vtp-2.0-All-in-one" build and while designing the call
flow I am running into following issues:

1. The application cannot be successfully called by using the URL
I figured out that the jar files "org.apache.commons.fileupload.jar"
and "org.apache.commons.io.jar" do not get added to the "war" file
(when exporting the application to war file).

2. Transfer module does not work. It throws the event
"connection.disconnect.hangup" and thus the application terminates
instead of proceeding with the desired transfer. This occurs as the
code explicitly calls:
<goto next='/myTransferApplication/openVXML?KERNEL_CALL_ID=998b37ad5977433bafa0d29

Please let me know how to proceed with the Transfer module.

Thanks in anticipation.
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