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[vtp-dev] Re: Eclipse Voice Tools Project - VTP M2


Unfortunately, the Eclipse Foundation have not yet approved TellMe's donation of code to automatically publish VoiceXML and execute it. Since this is a central piece of the M2 milestone, until the code is approved for integration in CVS we're in a bit of a holding pattern. I do not yet have a target date for this to occur but given the holidays I would estimate early january -- once the code is in we will have to perform a level of integration testing and bug fixing. I am hopeful that this will not impact the overall dates for the project at this time, but won't know for sure until we have the code into the repository.

Thanks for the interest in the project and happy holidays!

Brent D. Metz
Enterprise Voice Tools
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Ingmar Kliche <ingmar.kliche@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

12/22/2005 12:59 PM

Brent D Metz/Boca Raton/IBM@IBMUS
Eclipse Voice Tools Project - VTP M2

Hi Brent,
the current milestone plan at
annouces the VTP M2 for the 20th of December. Do you already know when M2 can be expected?
Thanks and have a nice Christmas period