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[virgo-dev] Help in building Virgo kernel


While trying to update our application to work with Virgo 3.7.1, I am running into this error:

"org.eclipse.virgo.nano.serviceability.Assert$FatalAssertionException: input packageImports must not contain duplicate items"

On searching for this error, I found the following entry in the bug tracker:

I completely agree with the person who opened this issue in that a more informative assert failure message would be extremely helpful in debugging the problem. So I cloned the "org.eclipse.virgo.kernel" repo and made a small change in the file "AbstractTrackedPackageImports.java" to print the package name in the error message. However, when I try to build it with gradle, I get the error:

"> Project with path ':kernel:org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.agent.dm' could not be found in root project 'org.eclipse.virgo.kernel'."

I looked at the instructions at:
but I don't see any references to gradle in that page. Most of the instructions are referring to "ant".

Any help with the build is highly appreciated. I would be happy to submit the change once I get it to build and work as expected.