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[virgo-dev] Duration for resolving uses-conflicts

Hi all,

I am also looking forward to Virgo 3.7.0 - thanks for all the effort! We are currently testing our software on the newest build and facing troubles with resolving bundles:

When starting Virgo with our bundles added, everything resolves fine and Virgo starts nicely. As soon as we add the Snaps plan (which we need) to the "initialArtifacts" in org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.userregion.properties, the startup hangs for 30-90 seconds and proceeds afterwards. After some digging we found out that the time is spent in resolving uses-conflicts - after a certain duration the resolver gives up and just returns the configuration with the least conflicts. These remaining conflicts seem fine enough for resolving the bundles. When the Snaps plan is not included in the initialArtifacts, also uses-conflicts can be found, but those are quickly resolved.

We found that the resolving of uses-conflicts can be turned off using option "osgi.resolver.usesMode=ignore" (however, that causes Virgo to fail at all). Does anybody have experience in debugging these uses-conflicts? As far as I understand, this is more an OSGI issue than a Virgo issue, but I hoped that perhaps someone of you might have an idea.