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Re: [virgo-dev] Declarative Services in Virgo

Hi Dominic,

This mailing list is for developers extending Virgo, while Virgo users should use the forum for support.

This said, if I remember correctly from our previous conversations you are using Virgo tools 1.5 snapshot build.
As far as I know, Virgo supports declarative services since 3.0, both in kernel and user region http://wiki.eclipse.org/Virgo/Community/Migrating_from_2.x_to_3.0.0#Declarative_Services.

When you say "copied into the output" it means you checked that the component.xml file is present both in the "/bin" folder of every project and in the $VIRGO_HOME/stage/<project_name> folder, right?


Should OSGi Declarative Services work in the User partition of Virgo Jetty 3.6.4 and Virgo Jetty 3.7.0.M3?

I've used DS before in Eclipse RCP type applications, and I want my bundles to be RCP compatible, so I'm using the Virgo / PDE project type. I've also verified that the component definition file is being copied to the output, and the component and the directive is present in the manifest.