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[virgo-dev] Declarative Services in Virgo


I haven't seen very much activity on this mailing list, so I hope it is actually being used, and that my question is appropriate to this list.

I'm trying to write a new application targeting Virgo, and I have been consistently unsuccessful in utilizing Declarative Services.

Should OSGi Declarative Services work in the User partition of Virgo Jetty 3.6.4 and Virgo Jetty 3.7.0.M3?

I've used DS before in Eclipse RCP type applications, and I want my bundles to be RCP compatible, so I'm using the Virgo / PDE project type.  I've also verified that the component definition file is being copied to the output, and the component and the directive is present in the manifest.

Thank you,

Dominic Hilsbos