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Re: [virgo-dev] Status of Virgo 3.7 support in Virgo Tools

Could you please elaborate a bit what you did to install the tooling in a fresh Eclipse? last time I tried I got some errors from P2.

I started with an empty:

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

Version: Neon Milestone 3 (4.6.0M3)
Build id: 20151112-1256

...added the p2 repositories:
  * Virgo IDE Tooling - file:/Users/.../org.eclipse.virgo.ide/org.eclipse.virgo.ide.site/target/site/

...installed "Eclipse Virgo Tools",  and created a new Virgo server runtime (without p2 complaining about anything).

Imported our EclipseCon sample (a simple Gradle based project) and was able to drag'n'drop the two bundles onto the server runtime.

You don't need PDE support for EclipseCon right? So far PDE support was tested only by me and partially by Dani, so unless you have time to test your presentation twice, it may be safer to remain on the support-java-7-profile branch. Plus, PDE support is on a different branch.

I thinks we don't need PDE support for our simple example. Thanks for the pointer. I'll ask Markus to prepare an IDE...

In any case, I hope to merge everything into master soon, then I'd like to bump the version number, maybe to 1.5, what do you think?
I also have to update the tooling documentation  for PDE support.

Sounds good.