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Re: [virgo-dev] PDE2Virgo Plugin

On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 3:09 PM Daniel Marthaler <DMarthaler@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Unfortunately I am very busy at work too so I currently have very limited time to go over the whole code base looking for more improvements manually. Are you using FindBugs or Sonar when writing code? Those tools always help me

I use SonarQube at work, but it requires a server installation which I think is not available now for the Virgo project. In any case I was more interested in the feedback of a real developer rather then the output of a static analyzer :-)

path errors. Although, I activated the provided target platform. If you could give me a short description of the steps you do when importing the projects could speed me up, then I will do a static analysis and can then concentrate on the hot spots in the code to give you more feedback.

I just tweaked the target platform definition prepared by Florian. There are multiple *.target files in one of the IDE Virgo plugins for different versions of Eclipse. Double-click on one of them and Eclipse will set the target platform and download required dependencies.
Question for me is, do you really need the previous repository properties file backed up in the configuration folder?

Well, it's just an extra bit of safety just in case the GUI corrupts the file. Not that I expect this to happen, but the fact is that I am using a Virgo server APIÂ to read the file, while there is no equivalent for writing. So I had to write some dedicated code in the IDE for writing the file and I am not 100% sure my implementation supports all the semantics of the repository file. For example, remote Virgo repositories are not supported (because I don't think I can pass them to the PDE target platform), while for other types of repositories I based my implementation on what is explained in the end-user documentation.
Yes I have noticed this new section. But, you already have a context menu there ifyou click on "edit". But it is certainly useful and in the right place, at least from my point of view.
OK. (I mean a context menu in the Server View, the tree view where the server is displayed with all deployed artefacts as children).
Since you also had troubles installing on Mars, I will collect the log of the installation problem and forward it to Florian who offered to get in touch with some P2 experts for advice.
Thank you.