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Re: [virgo-dev] PDE2Virgo Plugin

Hi GianMaria
I just pulled in your latest commit to the branch and I have noticed that you improved the readability for the method I mentioned in my previous Email, this looks much better now. I also noted that you fixed the handling of the top level OSGI-INF folder in the Builder class. I was not able to get the latest build of this branch from CI as the Hudson build infrastructure seems to be down. As soon as it is back up I will install the latest build and try it out.
| Any other comment about the code?
Unfortunately I am very busy at work too so I currently have very limited time to go over the whole code base looking for more improvements manually. Are you using FindBugs or Sonar when writing code? Those tools always help me alot to remember myself of best coding practices when I am deep down in the code. I also tried to import the projects into eclipse, but I had several build path errors. Although, I activated the provided target platform. If you could give me a short description of the steps you do when importing the projects could speed me up, then I will do a static analysis and can then concentrate on the hot spots in the code to give you more feedback.
| Did you have a look at the new project wizard and at the new page of the runtime wizard as well (which also updates the Virgo repository properties file)?
Yes, I created new server runtime and selected the "Enable development using Eclipse PDE Tools" option but i did not alter the any of the entries which then appear as the content of the PDE Target Platform. I just found out that if you add an additional folder that the repository property files from Virgo is updated with a watched repository. I played a bit with that feature and think this could help people configuring additional repositories during development phase. Question for me is, do you really need the previous repository properties file backed up in the configuration folder?
| Did you also try to create and run a Web project?
Not yet, but I will do that and provide you some feedback about the outcome.
| Finally, did you notice the new section in the server editor to reload or edit the associated target platform definition?
| If so, do you think that a context menu for reloading/editing the target platform on the Server View would be useful (in addition to the section in the Server Editor) ?
Yes I have noticed this new section. But, you already have a context menu there ifyou click on "edit". But it is certainly useful and in the right place, at least from my point of view.
|Did you have any trouble installing the build in Eclipse?
Indeed, I installed a Eclipse "eclipse-committers-mars-1-linux-gtk-x86_64" from scratch and directly tried to install the Virgo Tools downloaded from latest CI build. This did not work as it was complaining about missing dependencies. I then installed the Virgo Tools from the Snapshot Update Site, uninstalled it and installed the Virgo Tools from the donwloaded archive and then it worked seamlessly. I did not yet tried it to the Virgo Tools from the archive into latest STS version. Because in my company we only use the STS bundle.