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[virgo-dev] Why Erik Vande Velde's project stopped using Virgo

This is an important forum post:


Erik has posted numerous threads in the last few months and his team have clearly being struggling for quite a while and didn't give up easily, so we should see what we can do to make things simpler.

It would be great to have relatively self-contained and simple samples that demonstrate how to:

A. Use Spring remoting.
B. Use AOP.
C. Use JPA with scanning for annotated entity classes.
D. Use transactions with JPA.

We are currently revamping the existing samples after which is should be possible to add new samples without too much pain. The tricky thing is going to be making sure they can all be automatically tested so that we don't have to keep manually testing them (which won't happen).

Who would be interested in developing one or more of the above samples?

Note that the tooling bug Erik raised has been fixed ([1]), but the tooling has not been released since. I'll look into the possibility of a bug fix release.

[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=391394