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[virgo-dev] dmk.bat of 3.5.0.M02 broken?‏

Hi, I downloaded Virgo Nano 3.5.0.M02 and tried to start it on Windows by browsing to the bin folder and runnig startup.bat, but this fails:

C:\Program Files\Virgo\virgo-nano-3.5.0.M02\bin>startup
C:\PROGRA~1\Virgo\VIRGO-~1.M02\bin\jmxPermissions.vbs(23, 2) SWbemServicesEx: Not found

Error: Access file not found: C:\PROGRA~1\Virgo\VIRGO-~1.M02\config\org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.jmxremote.access.properties

It seems the offending line is in dmk.bat:

set CONFIG_DIR=%KERNEL_HOME%\config     (line 59)

It seems the actual configuration dir is called 'configuration' and not 'config'...
After changing that I have more success, but still it is not error-free:

C:\Program Files\Virgo\virgo-nano-3.5.0.M02\bin>startup
WARNING: jmxPermissions.vbs did not update the permissions of C:\PROGRA~1\Virgo\VIRGO-~1.M02\configuration\org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.jmx
remote.access.properties. Check the file has the correct permissions.
[2012-02-28 22:55:26.861] startup-tracker              <KE0001I> Kernel starting.
[2012-02-28 22:55:26.887] startup-tracker              <KE0002I> Kernel started.

Am I doing it wrong or are there still some issues?

With kind regards,

Stijn de Witt