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[virgo-dev] Where art thou, BundleDefinition?

OK, so leo and I have spent the last hour or so for a dependency. This was discovered as we were trying to unwrap some virgo dependencies that are actually included as lib within the consuming plugin itself. (o.e.v.ide.manifest.core). We'd like to turn these into regular plugin dependencies but have made some guesses about why that can't be / wasn't done before; having to do with downstream platform dependencies that can't be shared. But that's a story for another day, the big mystery right now, is what happened to the following classes? We can find them in Spring virgo pre-donation, but we can't find them anywhere in the virgo trees. There isn't even a log record of org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.repository having existed in ..kernel. Anyone know a) where these went, and b) if the answer is *away* what we might replace them with or if we could get them back?

import org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.osgi.provisioning.tools.DependencyLocationException;
import org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.repository.BundleDefinition;
import org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.repository.LibraryDefinition;


Miles and Leo (intrepid git explorers)