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Re: [virgo-dev] OSGi Subsystems in Virgo

Hi Nate

Great to hear from you!

One way to get started and learn the development environment and process is to contribute some unit tests. See bug 325617 ([1]) and the contribution Florian Waibel recently made towards that in 357473 ([2]). This might seem rather mundane, but unit tests are the lifeblood of a project like Virgo and any runtime code you contribute will need a good suite of tests to ensure it is (a) well designed and (b) robust.

This will also give you practice at carving out the necessary time in your schedule. ;-)

After that, once the subsystems public draft is available, we should be able to get you working on one of the simpler features...


On 22 Sep 2011, at 17:19, Nate Loux wrote:

I would be interested in contributing as a developer. I have a little
less than a year's experience developing for the Virgo, but I am very
interested in the project and would love to help out however I could.
I am based in California.

Nate Loux

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I have raised some Eclipse bugzillas to cover support for subsystems
in Virgo (and Libra tooling). If you are interested, please follow
this link:


The volume of work is daunting, so if you know anyone who fancies
lending a hand, send them my way…

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