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Re: [virgo-dev] chaining Virgo's OsgiBundleContextRefreshedEvent to Sprign's ContextRefreshedEvent

Hi Ming Qin

I'm not sure of the detailed behaviour on Spring context refresh, so you will have to test this out.

You should probably post such questions to the Virgo forum as many more people will see your question there and someone may have an answer.

If you post on Virgo forum, I suggest you explain what you are trying to achieve in addition to the rather low level description below, as there may be other approaches.


On 20 May 2011, at 23:34, Ming Qin wrote:

Hi Virgo Kernel Developer:

 In Virgo 3.0.0M4, Can OSGI Bundle Events get chained up with Spring Context events ?

  Reading about whiteboard pattern implementation,  I have a question:
  If I created a spring-powered bundle A (as Bundle Event producer), when spring context in bundle A is refreshed, Can bundle A get restarted or updated by itself and emitting OsgiBundleCOntextRefreshedEvent to Virgo Standard Extender after  contained spring context refresh event fires up.

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