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[virgo-dev] Cannot find H2 jars in .m2 Maven repository (was: (no subject))


just had the same problem as described in http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/virgo-dev/msg00831.html. I think the problem is in the first line of h2.bat (located in %GREENPAGES_HOME%\db): instead of HOMEPATH the environment variable HOME should be used:

< for /r "%HOME%\.m2" %%X in (*h2*.jar) do (set H2CP=%H2CP%;%%X)
> for /r "%HOMEPATH%\.m2" %%X in (*h2*.jar) do (set H2CP=%H2CP%;%%X)

HOMEPATH was empty on my system. After that change it worked.

Regards/Viele Grüße,