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Re: [virgo-dev] (no subject)

I haven't heard of that problem before. All I can suggest is to check your Maven setup, such as environment variables, and try again.

It might be more effective to raise this on the Virgo forum as more users will see the question and may respond.


On 24 Apr 2011, at 02:29, æç wrote:

   Did anyone use the Virgo?Today,I try to run the greenpages according to the related papers(http://www.eclipse.org/virgo/documentation/virgo-documentation-2.1.1.RELEASE/docs/virgo-getting-started/html/ch03s03.html).When  I use "run" to start the H2 database server,the console report the "Cannot find H2 jars in .m2 Maven repository".
I think my Maven repository lose the *.h2.*.jar,so I install a related *h2.*.jar in the repository,but it still can't work.Dose anybody come cross this problem,could you help me?
     Very Thanks.
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