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Re: [virgo-dev] 3.0 plan update

Hi Wolfgang

I'd like to see that too if time permits. Time is the main problem however. When we get back from EclipseCon, June won't seem very far away. This date may slip however in which case that item is a good candidate if we can find some way to resource it. OTOH there are a number of good items competing for limited resources...

Please note, I think this item would be pretty straightforward for someone new to cut their teeth on as there is a lot of "structure" surrounding the change which would guide the way it is written. So non-committers should feel free to send in a patch. (That includes you, Wolfgang. ;-) )

Meanwhile, I've create a "nice to have" category in the plan to record the fact that you specifically asked for this item. I've also changed its title to reflect the proposed implementation: "Allows PARs to contain plans".


On 10 Mar 2011, at 18:16, Wolfgang Schell wrote:

> Hi Glyn,
> how about bug 335689 "Support a deployment type which is a hybrid of both PLAN and PAR" [1]? I would really like to see this feature in 3.0 if time permits.
> Regards,
> Wolfgang
> [1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=335689
> Am 10.03.11 15:32, schrieb Glyn Normington:
>> After a user on the forums pointed at the 3.0 plan [1] I had a look
>> through it and marked a couple of items as unlikely to fit in the plan:
>>    * Admin console administration of remote Virgo instances (unlikely
>>      to fit in the 3.0 plan)
>>    * Multiple user regions (unlikely to fit in the 3.0 plan)
>> If anyone disagrees, please let me know and we can discuss.
>> Regards,
>> Glyn
>> [1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Virgo/Future#3.0.0_Release
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