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[virgo-dev] Region Digraph -> Equinox

I am in discussion with Tom Watson about moving the region digraph support from Virgo to Equinox so that others, who have already expressed an interest, can use it.

The plan is, with Tom's assistance, to complete and suitably refactor the support in Virgo before moving it to the "components" component of Equinox. This would probably involve a simple "move" review. I would then most likely obtain commit rights there to help maintain it.

I think the main benefits for Virgo in this are:

1. greater traction for the digraph model, especially in relation to the multi-bundle application standardisation efforts in the OSGi Alliance, and
2. closer integration of the digraph with Equinox, e.g. in relation to Equinox warm start: getting all the bundles in the correct regions upon warm start which I think would be difficult to achieve in Virgo.

#2 should ultimately help Virgo's warm start time.

Please raise any positive or negative comments this week.