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[virgo-dev] Virgo and remote management

Hi Virgo team,

I would like to manage my bundle/webapp remotely thru automation ( ie
web services ) to

  - update my webapp's dependencies

  - stop/restart my webapp

As I understand, I can use Web admin console, but that is still manual

I have spent some time over all docs and mailing archive. The closest
I can get is to push down my update artifact to pickup directory, and
then call some interface in mbean ( JMX ). However since JMX mbean is
undocumented, I am not sure which one to use.

Also would update webcontainer can be done remotely? how about the
entire Virgo upgrade?

Big thanks for advices


PS: I am tasked to build up a managed agent technology with friendly
configuration update, deployment update and upgrade. The agents will
be deploy to thousand of pc/server nodes to be managed by federated
Management Center node. So far Eclipse Virgo and Apache ACE are the 2
closest frameworks i can see.