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[virgo-dev] Virgo test framework - @BundleDependencies question


BundleDependencies annotation can be used to specify extra bundles needed by the specific test case.
This is cleaner than specifying all entries in the test.config.properties or in org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.userregion.properties.

One thing that is missing - code in OsgiTestRunner.addUserConfiguredBundles does not account for "auto-start" setting.
That is, adding "@start" at the end of the uri.

The change is trivial, but I wonder if the BundleDependencies annotation should be changed to provide a flag to auto-start to match

With this change BundleDependencies can be changed like this:


public @interface BundleDependencies {

BundleEnty[] value();

public @interface BundleEnty { 

    String value();
    boolean autoStart() default false;

So the choice is between a flag and parsing of the uri to look for "@start" at the end of the location string.