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Re: [virgo-dev] Minutes etc. of Virgo F2F

Hi Lin,


The migration is triggered from the changes in RFC 138 . The aim is to adopt the hooks approach ASAP and to check if we have all the needed functionality. This early adoption would allow us to provide feedback in case there are some problems.


Theoretically it will still be possible to implement multiple regions with framework hooks, but this has to be checked in practice. Thatâs another reason we want to have the new implementation, so we can explore the possibilities (or limitations) in other directions also.


Currently Virgo supports (and is tested with) only one user region. It would be interesting to see a working prototype with more regions. Is this the case? Using more regions does not provide better isolation since the regions share the same VM and therefore same resources. Can you please share the use cases you have for multiple regions â perhaps we are missing something?


Hristo Iliev


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Hi Glyn,

I saw the mail of F2F meeting, and there is  a message about migration of user region. I knew the current user region is implemented by CompositeBundle, why we need migrate to framework hooks. And how to implement multiple user regions by framework hooks.

PS, we need multiple user regions to deploy multiple applications on a server, do you have any plan to implement this feature?

Migration of user region from nested framework to framework hooks

  • Migration to Equinox 3.7 complete
  • Prototyping necessary to see how well the user region functions with framework hooks
  • May need to feed back issues into OSGi spec work, so needs to be high priority

Best Regards,
Lin Fengqi

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  1. Minutes etc. of Virgo F2F (Glyn Normington)


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Please see [1] for the minutes, presentations, etc. from this week's Virgo F2F.

Participants: please feel to correct/improve anything as you see fit.

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Virgo/Community/F2F
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