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Re: [virgo-dev] Virgo F2F agenda items [was: Re: Virgo F2F]

> No, it's about isolating apps from other apps (and apps from the kernel) using OSGi facilities, such as those provided by RFC 138, in a single JVM. We'll go into this a lot more next week.

I'm really looking forward to learn more about RFC 138 and Isolation in Virgo next week.

> (An aside: JSR 121 never really took off. If you need failure isolation, for example, you have to run separate processes. You can then optimise a JVM to share class definitions across processes and you don't need JSR 121 API support.)

Just wondering if anybody tries to run Virgo on a JVM with Isolation support (e.g. Lady VM [1]) as it seem to be possible
to solve several OSGi vulnerabilities on top of such a JVM [2].

[1] http://pagesperso-systeme.lip6.fr/Nicolas.Geoffray/files/pppj-08.pdf
[2] I-JVM:  a Java Virtual Maschine for Component Isolation in OSGi