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Re: [virgo-dev] Hudson


I searched the Ivy mailing list and found out that this problem is reported several times. The following threads suggest different workarounds:

ivy:buildlist/exec instead of subant:

loader attribute:

I think the problem with Virgo build is more related to the first issue.

Hristo Iliev

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After an extended and persistent investigation by Steve Powell and the Eclipse webmaster Denis Roy, the Hudson CI Virgo builds [1] are now back in good shape again.

All are building successfully except for the kernel which Steve is investigating.

The problem turned out to be a permgen size setting and may perhaps be related to the Ivy permgen issue that SAP mentioned on the community call. SAP agreed to raise the issue with the Ivy project and post a link here.

[1] https://hudson.eclipse.org/hudson/view/Virgo/

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