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[virgo-dev] [snaps] Support for listeners in snaps

Hi All,

I have a need or more like desire to register context and request listeners in a snap (1 and 2) web.xml.  NOTE: listeners work just find in the host app.

So I started looking at the code base to see how it can be implemented.
From my limited research, I could only come up with a way to do it by including a tomcat context.xml (3) to plugin into web.xml parsing and request processing pipeline by basically overriding a starting valve.

Does anyone have any other thoughts around using listeners in snaps?  Different approaches that do not involve container specific extensions?


1. https://issuetracker.springsource.com/browse/DMS-952
2. https://issuetracker.springsource.com/browse/DMS-953
3. https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=312752