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[virgo-dev] Windows permissions for org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.jmxremote.access.properties

jmxPermissions.vbs was created for the windows environments because installation doesn't set the correct permissions (as it can analogously on unix platforms) and many people found they could not run.  It appears that the vbs file will have to be made smarter to overcome this problem.

The solution is a real pain point for us -- we have had to tinker with this executable every time we produce a release, and every time Windows changes.  It is one of the few platform-specific pieces of code we have and we would like a way to avoid it altogether.

Hristo, your problem arises because the (simple-minded) code we have in vbs doesn't properly account for groups (and this also explains why the workaround fails). We have very little vbs (or Windows, come to that) expertise and we would prefer to keep it that way.  If someone could help us to remove this file, or minimise it so that it runs without modification on more Windows platforms, we would be very grateful (hint, hint).

Steve Powell
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