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[virgo-dev] Confused about medic.core packaging.


So after a bit of hiatus I finally got some time to work on maven build for virgo. 

It was mostly a smooth running till I hit medic component.

Here is what I understand up to this moment:

1. *.medic == API bundle
   Code here is woven with EntryExitTrace aspect
2. medic.weaving == Aspect library
3. org.eclipse.virgo.ch.qos.logback.classic.woven
  As the name says - a woven logback.classic with medic.weaving aspect
4. medic.core = implementation of API

Now the issues that is throwing me off is a manifest generated for medic.core (attached).  

So my questions:
1. Why is all of the logback.classic and logback.core packages are exported with medic.core version?
2. Should those exports be there?  
3. Is that by design or just because jars got copied to target/classes and bundlor was happy to use them?  
4. template.mf does not specify Bundle-ClassPath, is it bundlor that adds it when it finds jars?  (did not know it can do it).

And just out of curiosity: 
5. Why do those bundles need to be embedded?  
6. Why do they need to be weaved (I have not dug too deep into code yet to get it)?



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