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[virgo-dev] Release checklist [was: Fwd: [rt-pmc] Tracking compliance for the Helios release}

I found the following post interesting as it shows a high-level simultaneous release checklist for Helios which is the kind of thing that we will need to complete when we join the simultaneous release train in 2011.


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Subject: [rt-pmc] Tracking compliance for the Helios release
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We are at the end of the development cycle for the Helios release. The planning council is tracking our progress more closely now. Please update your tracking data soon (see http://eclipse.org/helios/planning/SimultaneousReleaseGrid.php?projectid=rt for the RT status)

EclipseLink and Jetty have the most yellow at this point. It should be simple to fill out the necessary information in the eclipse portal to get a green status. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.



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