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[ve-dev] Understanding this huge pile of code... ;-)

I'll start things off with a few small questions for the IBM folks:  ;-)

Suppose I have a visual layout that extends JPanel and has a BorderLayout
set.  I then do the following:

- Select button in the palette.

- Drop it in the west region of the BorderLayout.


- What actors (Java objects) will participate in selecting the button,
providing the borderlayout assistance as my mouse moves over the panel,
detecting the drop, hit testing the region of the border layout in which to
drop the button, and actually performing the drop?

- On what source lines should I drop break points if I want to see this

- How do I set break points in the target VM's code so I can watch it do its

- What parts of this are subject to change in the 3.0 code base?


Best Regards,