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[ui-best-practices-working-group] Forum not woring


I'm writing here because http://www.eclipse.org/forums/ doesn't work. I created an account with bugzilla, can use it to log in to bugzilla but when loggin in to forum, https://dev.eclipse.org/site_login/index.php
i'm getting "Authentication Failed. Please verify that your email address and password are correct."

I'm new to eclipse. My question is:
Is there a way to select whole word in editor with CTRL+single Left click, like in Visual Studio? It is very practical when replacing more words with copy/paste. Copy is CTRL+C, paste is CTRL+V, so having a CTRL+single click on a word to select it does make a lot of sense. in Visual Studio, I can keep CTRL pressed all the time and only keep clicking on word, C, word, V, word, C, word, V... etc. I do this often (copy a list of columns from database tool, paste the list to editor and then mete individual columns out to where they belong with cut or copy paste). Now i have to be pressing and releasing CTRL and doubleclicking words like retarded.