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[ui-best-practices-working-group] notes from p2 walkthrough

Hi, everyone.
Thanks to all who attended our walkthrough. I appreciate all the input.

I've added some notes to the p2 walkthrough page. I'm sorry if I've missed any important points. There's a section at the bottom to add notes for discussion points that I did not capture.

And, as we said at the meeting, please use the "Discussion" section of the wiki walkthrough page to record your feedback on the mock-ups.

There is clearly more input to be gathered from the community, I'm still mulling over how best to capture this, ie, whether people still want to talk about p2 at future walkthrough meetings or whether a subset of the attendees want another channel to be able to express requirements on p2 and work on solutions in more detail. I welcome any comments on that, either here or send me an email...

thanks again,