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Re: [ufk-dev] Default realm


Hm. Looking at the code of the SWT implementation I have to correct
myself. The Realm the UI-Widgets update themselves is by default the
SwingRealm but I think the problem is that we are using
Thread.currentThread() which is wrong.

We'd have to use the dispatcher thread of swing. Do you know by chance
how to get to this thread?


Am 20.01.11 01:38, schrieb Tom Schindl:
> Hi,
> You are right this looks wrong and should be fixed.
> Tom
> Am 20.01.11 00:27, schrieb Max Gordienko:
>> Hi all,
>> Is there a particular reason why in the Swing databinding classes like
>> TextObservableValue or AbstractSwingObservableValue SwingRealm is
>> used.
>> I'm talking about the constructors without a Realm parameter.
>> Shouldn't Realm.getDefault() be used instead?
>> Using a concrete Realm implementation greatly complicates testing when
>> a test(mock) realm implementation is used.
>> Thank you!
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