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[ufk-dev] Binary plugin availability and Swing databinding status

Hi Guys,
I am interested in using the Swing databinding parts of ufacekit but had a couple of questions:
1. Is there somewhere I can download a bundle? I was a little confused with the Google code vs Eclipse source locations for where was the best location to start I found bundles in a Maven repo at: http://uface.googlecode.com/svn/maven/org/ufacekit/org.ufacekit.ui.swing.databinding/ for example but the bundle descriptor in both 1.0-m1 and the SNAPSHOT version references a bundle activator that doesn't exist (Bundle-Activator: org.ufacekit.ui.swing.databinding.internal.Activator).
2. I downloaded the source from the trunk of the google code repository and found that some of the functionality I wanted to use had been commented out (e.g. SwingObservables#observeSelection(Container control) where control was a JComboBox) but I couldn't tell why from the commit comments.
I guess in summary I'm also enquiring as to the current status of the project, in particular the Swing databinding subset.