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Re: [ufk-dev] Set up my workspace again and ready to go

I am not sure of what to do first.

I create the project org.eclipse.ufacekit.ui.gwt.jface.core

It is the equivalent of org.eclipse.ufacekit.ui.jface.core (swt) for gwt.

So i have to implement the GWTGridLayout, GWTJFaceButton etc...

Do you think i begin to work in the right direction ?

I got difficulties tu understand every project... I would like to meet you IRL to discuss about that but it is a bit difficult...

I have an idea, I am looking for a speaker about Eclipse to organize an Eclipse DemoCamp in Lille in November. Could you be speaker ? (I already post this on the e4-dev mailing list)

Bst Rgds,


2009/9/14 Tom Schindl <tom.schindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cyril Lakech schrieb:
> In the text below.
> 2009/9/14 Tom Schindl <tom.schindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:tom.schindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>
>     Cyril Lakech schrieb:
>     > Hi,
>     >
>     > I am back with the open source system. I used my spare time to
>     launch a
>     > Java User Group in Lille in France in the last 4 mounth. The JUG is a
>     > success and the 3 next session are ready to go ! Next step on 21,
>     > september with Redhat/JBoss/Hibernate Search & Validation prezos with
>     > Emmanuel Bernard. BTW, I am sorry for this long time without posting !
>     >
>     No problem welcome back.
>     > I prefer to checkout again all the stuff from ufk instead of doing an
>     > update. I manage to create a new working workspace ;-)
>     >
>     > The site get.qtsoftware.com <http://get.qtsoftware.com>
>     <http://get.qtsoftware.com> seems to be
>     > down: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/get.qtsoftware.com
>     >
>     I'll take a look maybe they changed their URL.
>     > The psf file are a great tool to share workspace configuration accross
>     > the web but to checkout each project separatly is a very long task and
>     > we may have a faster process if we download all the virtual-structure
>     > folder and then import the project in eclipse.
>     >
>     But how do you then commit back?
> I think I'm not clear enought because of my frenghlish
> 1/ You checkout the vitual-structure directory (with a psf if needed)
> 2/ You then close the project checkouted/imported
> 3/ You import all the project you need (org.eclipse.ufacekit.*)
> 4/ Code whatever you need in those project
> 5/ Commit/update these projects (because .svn is present in each
> subdirectory you can commit just a directory of the virtualstructure)
> But just don't care about that, it is not a priority, just an advice
> that may help new contributors, but is there any new contributors in the
> area ? Unfortunatly not ;-) Maybe after the Eclipse DemoCamp in November !
>     > In a maven point of view, we should have a pom in proper,
>     incubation and
>     > example folder and a pom in each project. Then we must use tycho to
>     > build all this stuff. We use tycho at work to build a big Eclipse
>     > project with success.
>     >
>     The pom-Files we have point to the virtual structure (see my other maile
>     from before on those different structures).
> I didn't know this svn external way of coding... great tool. I will see
> how to use it on our project at work.
> So when I commit java source on ufacekit , the commit comes in the
> bundle directory not in the develop one. It is Magik !

Right :-)

>     > Let me know what is new since may on the ufk project.
>     >
>     Well. Some things have happened since then:
>     - I released a Databinding from Eclipse 3.5 for GWT
>     - We (one of my employees) worked on SmartGWT bindings a bit
>      (not sure if we commited back all those fixes)
>     - I worked heavily on a port of Qooxdoo for GWT (outside UFaceKit)
>     - I setted up an external Host where provide code I don't intend to
>      release under EPL (http://www.ufacekit.org/)
> Great ! I see the databinding working very well in the sample. We need
> to develop Databinding for Combo, List etc.
> For the Googlecode svn respo of ufacekit, you are going to migrate all
> this stuff to the new ufacekit.org <http://ufacekit.org>. I see a few
> questions on the googlecode page of the project this summer.

Yes but only the parts we can't host/deliver from ufacekit.org. I'm not
sure which questions you are refering to?

> *Can we change these page to redirect to Eclipse wiki page ?*
> *

I don't think that I can do that but will have a look.

> *
> Do you use tweeter ? Here is mine cyrillakech

No not yet :-)

> My next step is to finish the viewers for GWT and smartGWT and then
> implement the layout.
> *Could you give me a few tips for the layout (samples) ?*

No but we should create examples for SWT and others maybe you can create
them while developing the layouts?


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