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Re: [tycho-user] Right way to user eclipse-repository for building an update site

Hi Lars,

i already used your example to improve my build for some weeks (thanks for your work).
And yesterday i got a full build of the updatesite with eclipse-repository. The mistake was my local repositorie it wasn't a p2-repositorie.
Eventually i go to blog about my way of building it. Because its an special case, my updatesite include old and local (long time ago) builded plugins.
It was a bit tricky, but know it works perfectly  :D

Thanks to the tycho team for creating such a great maven-plugin and the friendly support!

2012/8/15 Lars Vogel <lars.vogel@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi Felix,

see here for an example for creating a p2 update site:

Hope this helps, Lars

2012/8/7 Felix Köhler (Berlin) <chakaaa@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi everyone,
> i've done so far building my update-site with the eclipse-update-site
> packaging type. Now i want to use the non-deprecated-way with eclipse
> repository.
> I've created a new category.xml and  changed the packing type and now i get
> a "Failed to execute goal
> org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-p2-publisher-plugin:0.15.0:publish-products
> (default-publish-products) on project ... ... Tycho build extension not
> configured for mavenProject: ... ."- Error.
> In the example projects there a .product-files. So i created for test also a
> .product-file and configured the dependencies. But i get the same error.
> So whats the right way to change the packing type from update-site to
> repository.
> And an other question byside.
> Whats the differnece between "-Dtycho.targetPlatform=/path/repository" and
> the maven-repository-config "<repository>/path/repository</repository>" ?
> Because if i use the maven-configuration i've got "Cannot resolve project
> dependencies"-Error for 2 of 10 projects.
> Thanks
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