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[tycho-user] mirroring p2 repository from build to another location

Hello I have the same issue as Nikolas:


but i dont see how , and where should i run the ant script. 
I was trying something like this:

           <property name="p2.build.repo" value="/com.xxx.updatesite/target/repository" />
           <property name="p2.repo.location" value="/test" />
              <p2.mirror source="${p2.build.repo}">
                     <destination kind="metadata" location="${p2.repo.location}" compressed="false" name="metadata" />
                      <destination kind="artifact" location="${p2.repo.location}" compressed="false" name="artifacts.xml" />
                       <slicingoptions includeoptional="false" />

But the build fail....with this error:

Problem: failed to create task or type p2.mirror
Cause: The name is undefined.

This solution is useless for me, coz it only mirrors repositories to build repository:

any ideas, please?