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Re: [tycho-user] Making Tycho ignore runtime dependencies

One trick could be to make this dependency optional


On 2012-07-06, at 2:08 PM, Cameron Ross <cross@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We're using Tycho to automate the building of bundles that will be
> deployed to Virgo Tomcat Server.  The P2 update site for Virgo
> publishes bundles that conform to the OSGi standard.  Other bundles
> provided by Virgo are considered extensions and are not exposed by the
> P2 update site.  These extensions are, however, available within the
> Virgo runtime.
> One of our bundles has a dependency on a Virgo extension bundle.  This
> is a runtime dependency, not a compile time dependency.  Everything
> works fine when building in Eclipse, but Tycho complains that this
> runtime dependency cannot be found.  Is there a way to make Tycho
> ignore this runtime dependency?
> Thanks,
> Cameron.
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