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Re: [tycho-user] Is there a way to choose or change a P2 category.xml conditionally ?

Well, answering myself, no we can't use a alternative category.xml file. At least, looking at tycho-p2-repository-plugin (PublishCategoriesMojo) I could see that category.xml is fixed on code, so I can't use pom configuration to choose an alternative one.

I've tried to use an ant plugin to copy a category.xml from a template at validation phase, but it doesn't worked (don't know why).

So, to resolve my problem for now, I've created another P2 repository, just for the I18n stuffs, and have created a composite p2 repository project (as JAR) to merge both repositories.



On 02/12/11 21:55, Cristiano Gavião wrote:
Hi guys,

Im my system project set I have a p2 project being generated by tycho and all modules is being built properly. In this project I have one category.xml file with one category that have all features.

Now I have lots of fragment projects (basically I18n stuffs) grouped by country/language that I need to add to the set.

Initially I've included them to reactor using maven Profiles. Now I have one profile that do not include the NL fragments (just the host bundles), one for all, and one for each language set ( I just think that developer don't need to build all languages all the time...)

But now I can't figure out how could I setup the build to conditionally change the category.xml (or choose another one) to reflect the activated profile... For example, if I call the Build_ALL profile I want to have one more category (NL Features) in the category.xml.

Could someone give a tip how could I achieve this or any alternative ?